Saturday, 27 May 2017

Titan Hanger Bay

Hi all

Have a look at these awesome pics on Titan Owners Club

Drake Seta

Warhammer Fest: Blood Bowl images

Hi all,

Just got some nice shots of the blood bowl offering at Warhammer Fest today:

Seeing a the different star players shows how much has been done over the past six months since the new edition has been released. Really looking forward to more of it coming out!

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Drake Seta and Hector Cephas

Forgeworld Seminar for the Horus Heresy

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Seminar about the future of the heresy and upcoming stuff - lot's of new Sicarans and other things!

New Sicaran variants - Punisher and Omega

Horus Heresy is Not going 8th.

Contains all to keep you running current rules for HH.

Constantin Valdor:

Drake Seta and Lady Atia

Warhammer Fest: New Forge World stuff for Horus Heresy

Hi all,

Amon and the new Russ and Magnus diarama:

The sisters of silence transport:

New Blood Angels transfers:

New sicarian turret:

These all look awesome, I'm particularly interested in what the new turret can do, it looks brutal!

Drake Seta and Hector Cephas

Forgeworld Seminar - 40k

Howdy Guys and Girls :)

Forgeworld seminar about the future of 40k just started!

Imperial Armour indices - Out soon. Last one was finished on Friday. Softback, 15 pounds each.

This book will also cover the Titan Legions and Knight Houses.

Fires of Cyraxus is still scheduled as next Imperial Armour book :)

Gabriel Angelos will be released sometimes next month!

New Tau Tigershark :)

Drake Seta and Lady Atia