Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bloodvar Cup Team: Blightchester Gutter Cutters

Team: Blightchester Gutter Cutters 
Race: Skaven
Captain: "Chewy" No 1.
Coach: Lord Lemmiwinks (Skaven)
Colours: Red, Black, Bronze and White
Team logo: Forward facing Rat skull on red vertical stripe. 
Team Motto: "No Gutter too deep no pipe too high, the Bloodvar trophy will be mine"
Owner: Drake Seta

Starting team: 
No1 - Rat Ogre: "Chewy"
Chewy is the newest club member. He immediately decided that he should Captain the team and ate the previous Captain Skruth Talontail. Ever since then the team and the Coach give in to his every request, for fear of their lives. His tactics are yet to be tested, but if his hostility is anything to go by, it will be a bloody league. 

No2 - Sarin Darkslicer and No3 - Abscitt Gutripper. 
These two Gutter Runners have been training by baiting and teasing Chewy forcing themselves to avoid him at all times, so much so that they do not share any pipes or caves on away games, and only appearing just before kick off much to Chewy's fury. 

No4, No5, No6, No7, No8 and No9 - Linemen. 
No9 "the Feltched" was destined to be the next Captain at the time of his consumption. Unfortunately he is now a shadow of his former self after "the incident" which happened in a pre-league friendly against the Gottledamn Ogres, an incident that earns his moniker. . . 
No4 Nibblet Bloodclaw is one to look out for, with the Blood Bowl League already trying to poach him. 

No10 - Spike Bloodspitter and No11 - Quitch Pipeslicer
These two were chosen to be Blitzers, mainly on the fact they were former bodyguards of Lord Lemmiwinks, and they did so well at stopping "Chewy" from eating their Coach. They are really looking forward to causing some damage on the pitch. 

No12 - Ratbolt (to be hired)

Coaches pre-league comments:
Yess. I am thoroughly looking forward to this league . . . Our Captain. . . is a strong Captain with excellent tactics. . . I think he will take us far. . . (Shakes his head and sighs). 
Our Gutter Runners have been training like their lives depend on it (Whispers: which it does thanks to Chewy), and I expect great things from them. I was torn between hiring two more talented Gutter Runners which my scout has had an eye on or hiring "Chewy". But Chewy insisted he was the Rat for the job and even brought his own contract made in blood for me to sign (whispers: whilst he squeezed me until I signed him). 
The Gutter Cutters feel positive and hope to do well against most teams. We are not looking forward to the Dwarves though. Pesky little bastards. Oh I can't say bastards? Sorry. Pesky little arse holes. . . . what? Oh please we all have them. . . (Eyes un focus and whispers: some have even been up them. . .)

Monday, 24 April 2017

Zone Mortalis: Doors completed

Hi all

A busy few weeks on the Zone Mortalis board means I can finally say: my doors are done! 
Actually I can also say that the tiles are painted now too, with just a coat of purity seal and Testors dull coat remaining to finish them off. 

I painted the doors so that there were a few divergent types, to make the board feel a little more interesting. 

I also tried to make the Aquila not as attention drawing so the board feels a bit more generic when it comes to whether the ship belongs to a Loyalist (or lazy) Traitor. 

Next time I will show you Freki and Geri. 

Drake Seta 

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Weekly Progress Report 23/04/2017

Hi all. 

This week has been a diverse one. Let's see what we have been up to: 

Hector has spent this week washing an awful lot of resin. Hoping that next week he will have something cool to show you all. 

Atia continued on the Squats (also known as Numeri Khazadrim) this week - more Clan Warriors including grav-calivers are on the way!

Aveinus has built another jetbike to try and complete his jetbike unit soon, along with assembling some more kharadron overlords for AoS.

Darien has had a busy week and not enough time to hobby! He did manage to undercoat his Giant Squiggoth for his orks and is hoping to get some green paint on this week!

Kaelo has got skirmish fever and is buzzing about his copy of Shadow War he was lucky enough to get. He has picked up a Tau Pathfinder team and Ethereal for a bargain of £20 and these look to be his next quick project.

I myself have been working like a Jovian on my Zone Mortalis board. I have finished the doors and paint work this week (will show soon) and started some Beds. 

Drake Seta

Friday, 21 April 2017

New releases 21/04/2017

The Vlka Fenryka Contemptor is now up for pre-order

A pelt-clad, stomping hulk of a machine, the Space Wolves Legion Contemptor Dreadnought is an Elite choice for a Space Wolves Legion army. Covered in Space Wolves iconography, with sculpted wolf’s heads, runes and jewels adorning its frame. There are two pairs of feet supplied – one pair straight, the other bent, meaning you can post this model either standing up straight or striding forward dynamically.

This model looks great. I am especially fond of the Void Wolf and knotwork iconography. 

Drake Seta

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Hector Cephas; Legio Custodes Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought unboxing

Hi guys.

I didn't require too much convincing huh? Following on from last night's unboxing post, I am going to show you guys what you get in a Contempto-Achillus kit.

Like the jetbike, this also comes in a white Forge World box like most medium to large kits seem to be being packaged in these days. The box is exactly the same size as the jetbike one and is probably the smallest ones they will do. This kit comes with a colour-coded instruction leaflet but unlike the jetbike, you probably will need to use this, particularly with the arm assemblies.

As you can see, there are quite a few pieces in this kit - the usual flat and bent feet options are present but this kit is probably more customisable and unlike any Legio Astartes contemptor, you do not need to also buy additional weapon kits to get the full mileage out of this kit as you already have all your possible options available here.

Here you have all the possible wrist mounted weapons you can have (in terms of looks I really like the Infernus Incinerators but in terms of coolness I would have to do with the Adrathic Destructors) and of course the Achillus Dreadspear:

This is the main reason I got the kit. Don't get me wrong, I like the other Dreadnought kit with the sword and shield but I just love Guardian Spears - my Custodian Guard detachment is going to be spear-heavy for better and for worse!!! A nice thing to note is that the spear is completely devoid of molded on hands so it doesn't restrict you on how you can pose the model which is fantastic - it's given me some cool ideas of how I want to post the model in general.

You would not believe how hard it was for me to not make some kind of a hand pun here but yes, two whole sprues with hand options which ultimately boil down to "clenched fist", "gripping hand" and "open hand" for both the left and right hands (so 6 hand options in total).

Forge World has been clever here - they've deliberately left round recesses in the wrists and all wrist weapon options to allow you to easily magnetise your weapons. I'm hoping the hands aren't going to be too close to the wrist magnet sockets as I'd like to also magnetise the hands too to allow me to transport this model more easily once its built. I'll let you know how that goes!

Let us know what you thought about this. I personally love this kit and I think it will be a pleasure to build - I'll have so much fun posing the model before I even start gluing!

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Hector Cephas; Legio Custodes Gyrfalcon Jetbike unboxing

Hi guys,

The postman came today and delivered me my next batch of Forge World goodness and I figured I may as well do an unboxing video to show you all what the new Legio Custodes jetbike looks like as a kit.

I've got to say, it looks like a beautiful kit, quite simple to build and if you've built a Legio Astartes jetbike before now, you'll probably zoom through the assembly without the instruction leaflet.

Much like all the recent kits, you get a full colour-coded instruction manual with step-by-step instructions with how to build your new jetbike. One think I almost overlooked previously at the weekender but it more apparent now I have the kit is the fact that the legs and arms are modeled with some kind of fabric over them - a minor detail but I like the fact that they've done that as it make sense that they would cover their ornate armour to protect it from particulate damage given the speeds these bikes would be flying at; very cool indeed!

Without any further ado, the Custodian biker. Very straight forward, you should hopefully notice the fabric over the legs at least. The chest plate and pauldrons are not covered so you get your usual intricately detailed armour pieces. One thing you may have noticed is that is that there are 3 arms here - this is one of the parts of the kit where you have optional parts though this one is just for personal preference; I'm unsure whether I will model mine with the power lances or not but it's great that we have the option (also, the power lance part of the bikers default wargear so modeling your biker without one should not leave you at a disadvantage in my opinion).

And now the jetbike itself! No surprises here really - front section, rear section, engine/exhaust section to connect the two sections together and then all the frills around it to make it a bike and it is beautifully detailed - I'm an absolute sucker for little things like the controls for the bike on the main fuselage and the centre console. Another thing I like about this kit is how simple it should be to magnetise the weapon systems for the bike so you can pick and choose your load out without compromising. I personally like the Adrathic Devastator - it looks nasty and packs a wallop when used on enemy armour and infantry alike - but all the options are worth considering so I'll be magnetising mine for sure.

I really like this kit and I'm looking forward to fielding them with the rest of my Custodian Guard in the future!

Let me know what you think of the kit and would you guys be interested in an unboxing post for the Contemptor-Achillus Dreadnought kit too?

Until next time!

Hector Cephas

Monday, 17 April 2017

Community Question: Zone Mortalis furniture

Hi all

With my Zone Mortalis board still incomplete (Hobby Butterfly) and having had the terrain for over 4 years (see link below). 
I have decided to really really push to complete it. 
You will see more of it in the next few weeks. 

Now I am already planning / working on some wrecker mission objectives from Blood in the Void, and am now preparing to start searching for other bits of awesome furniture to add detail to the board. So here is the question:

Does anyone out there know of any sci-fi Gothic terrain pieces which will add nice touches to this board?

I am looking for banks of control panels, Servitors which can be sitting at a terminal, toilets, chairs, stair cases, etc etc. I am especially looking for ideas for this:

Or if you know of any other fantastic Zone Mortalis projects out there please share links in the comments below. 

Drake Seta

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Weekly Progress Report 16/04/2017

Hi all. A diverse week of hobby for us all!
Have a look what we have been up to. 

Darien has spent the week assembling some custodes and a little something for his orks!

Atia used this week to paint the first 5 Squats - next to do are the frigate, 20 more squats aswell as two Rapiers!

Kaelo has been having a break from the hobby and is doing so for a few more months. He has been working on a kitbash for a 40k Roboute Guilliman. Here is a WIP.

And I have been working on several projects. My Freki and Geri models are finished, so is my Primarchs Leman Russ. I also have 10 Custodes finished too. They will all be shown over the next 4 weeks. That will give me some time to get some other long term projects started or finished. This week I have been working the whole long weekend on several terrain projects including taking the opportunity to hopefully bring my Zone Mortalis board to completion following with the Blood in the Void objectives. Going to be a fun few months. 

Drake Seta